Why is there a time limit on editing posts? Why can't I delete a post?

I posted a sitrep and a few agents who participated did not get tagged and I'd like to go back and add them but the timer on editing the post seems to have expired. Why is this even a thing? Why can't I go back and edit for more than just a few hours? Alternatively, why can't I delete the post and resubmit it with the new names added?


  • Hi there, we recently updated Agent permissions in the Community to give everyone the ability to edit their own posts and comments outside of the time limitation. You should now be able to make these changes on your own by clicking on the gear in the top right of your discussion.

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  • Well that wasn't the intended outcome. Thanks for flagging @XQlusioN, I'm looking into this.

  • I need to edit a post and the gear has been removed. Please help @NianticCasey

    It will take me 2 minutes. Can you switch it on, please?

    I need to change the title on the sitrep.

  • I couldn't edit during the initial 2 hours either @NianticCasey

  • Hi @ArchAngel08, in order to limit the potential for abuse, the ability to edit your post has been restricted to 24 hours following your initial post. If your post is within that window, try refreshing your page to see if the gear returns. Otherwise the issue might be related to your browser, clearing your browser cache might help restore that functionality. Let me know how it goes!

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Will do. It had not been 24 hours. The counter only gave one hour and I was unable to edit in that one hour period.

    @NianticCasey I will try now

  • @NianticCasey thank you so very much for your responsiveness. The timer now gave me 13 more hours.

    I do think there should be a way that people can edit their posts beyond a day.

    However, thank you for allowing me to edit the post today.

  • @TheFarix, we recently changed it!

    @Archaliar, unfortunately unlimited isn't currently an option due to platform limitations around a log of changes, but that's what we're working towards!

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