Using Prime as punishment

In the newly released notice of penalties against agents accused of violating TOS we are told that no matter what the agent is accused of doing and starting with the FIRST WARNING the agent will be unable to use Scanner REDACTED. The agent will also have to acknowledge the warning in Prime.

It appears that even Niantic views the ability to play with Scanner REDACTED as a “premium” and being forced to use Prime as an effective punishment. I suppose that even though they won’t admit it publicly even Niantic feels that Scanner REDACTED is still the better option., something many agents have been screaming since the decidedly unhappy launch of Prime with its multitude of bugs and shortcomings.

If Niantic feels being forced to use Prime is such a penalty why are they continuing to work towards the elimination of Scanner REDACTED and the ultimate goal of forcing us all to use Prime when so many agents have continued to express their displeasure with Prime? Is Niantic intentionality trying to eliminate a large potion of the user base?


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    Prime has had numerous problems with crashes, lag, data usage, and battery life. My guess is that much of those problems are related to the extra flash and glitz that was hyped as the new user experience of Prime. The same things that those who don’t like Prime are unhappy about.

    I'm not disagreeing with any of that, but none of this justifies the original proposition that Niantic sees using Prime as a punishment. The simple fact is they are unable to develop the Redacted client any more, so they are unable to add the new warning system to it, so if you get a warning you must view the warning in Prime.

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    I hope they do that, but not until after all the other things are resolved with the client

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    Who says that the Prime scanner is skinnable? Bet you it isn't.

  • So I Saw a Meme of Andrew and Ethan talking saying that whoever loses Myriad loses redacted, and then just watch the carnage or something like that.

    On a more serious note you have to remember that redacted has been tweaked and peaked for YEARS. Prime is still a by in OPEN BETA. It's getting better and at a pretty rapid rate. I am fully confident (translation: very very hopeful) that by the time redacted is closed we will have a much greater level of parity if not superior performance from Prime.

  • Wrong. Prime is an absolute flip and a punishment to someone used to the redacted scanner. Slow, complicated, aesthetically garbage. It lost all the best parts. And you all know it, ya just say otherwise because you don't wanna give it up. Neither do I . But come September? I will.

  • Saying that is absolute garbage is just throwing the baby out with the bath water. There's several features which prime has which are not available in Redacted that are actually very good:

    1. Easier access to power cubes.

    2. Faster upgrades to portal resonators.

    3. Mass recycling

    4. Real time perspective if links bursters fired by someone other than yourself.

    5. More intuitive scoreboard (that came later however).

    Yes, there are more than 5 complaints I do have, but remember that prime is still open beta test. Niantic may not officially say it but it's true.

    Saying that it's absolute garbage may get some changes added that nobody wants.

    Continuing to point out specific fixes we all need is much more constructive.

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  • It's only complicated if your brain insists that things are where they were in the old scanner. Mass recharging and inventory management is unnecessarily convoluted in redacted. The only reason people got around it is because of UI memorization. (three finger technique? LOL come on) That very same muscle memory (and sheer stubbornness) is what is keeping you from accepting the new UI.

    Prime is FAR from polished but damn I'm so glad I don't need to use redacted to recharge (among other things) 😝

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    I've played in classic ingress for years, and tossed it over the guardrail the second Prime became playable.

    At the last anomaly in Helsiki I was routinely among the first to identify things like dropped shield and put in new ones so it also seems to work in an anomaly setting now.

    I litterally don't get your major issue with Prime.

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