Feature Request - Tourney/Duel Mode

I think I saw this in an AMA, and from my recollection, it was on the to-do list. But I'd like to put in here as well.

I'd like to see a tournament or duel mode that would allow for pre-defined gear load outs, player level assignment (i.e., can start everyone at a certain level) , field of play boundary settings, and designation of portal status (ownership, resonators deployed, mods; or lack there-of) in the field of play, as well as an invitation system. I don't think AP or MU needs to be awarded for in-duel actions, but duelist badging (instead of medals) more in line with the level system than the standard medal system (maybe 16 levels or more).

I think this would open up the game to players who might not really care too much about the cycle score.

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