More feedback from Prime-only day

(reposted by permission from an Enl chat. Lightly edited to replace one word.)

I broke down and used Prime while [Redacted] was "down."  

A. Was shocked it would load. Usually it spins at the location screen until I get tired of it eating my battery.

B. [s] Really enjoyed how Prime put the notifications for what I got for hacking right on top of me and all the other portals I was trying to interact with. [/s] Missed a lot of hacks.

C. Colors and contrast were awful.  

D. Responsiveness to touch commands was dodgy. Looked like at least a quarter of the presses never registered.

E. Still a battery drain. I don't care about the animations and shiny stuff--never have. Definitely don't care for portal picture in the middle portal. If we have to endure this "improved" version of the scanner, they should be gracious enough to build in options to turn that off be it options you can toggle or a skin where I don't have to see any of that.

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