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So I understand you, Niantic, don't want bullying or harassment, and I'm cool with that. Some people get off on that. And you've, or the company platform you use, have decided that certain words dictate the need for discussing and parts with certain words must be reviewed before they are allowed to be read. And cool.

However, the problem I'm running into is that one, or a group, of those words, that I have run into, that have sent my discussions into manual review, pertain to ingress lore. And once that post is sent into manual review, it's more than 24 hours before it's acceptable to read.

Again, while I understand the reasoning behind manual review, is there some way to speed things up?


  • It would be nice to see posts like these be reviewed more quickly.

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    So can I use the word perish to refer to Carrie's Denise?

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    Looks like I can. @NianticCasey and every other admin that chooses to read this.

    It is highly ridiculous to force one to find alternative words to discuss the researchers giving up the ghost, when it would be easier to use the same words used in the story when discussing the story

  • Thanks for the feedback, it's a bit of a moving target to both keep the Community a clean and positive place for people to connect to discuss Ingress lore and gameplay. As I'm sure you're aware, gaming communities can quickly slip into an unproductive and often abusive place very easily and, while the language restrictions are challenging, they're necessary for us to facilitate this type of environment.

    That being said, we're working on improving review times to counter this. Your feedback isn't lost here, we're just up against some pretty harsh realities.

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    @NianticCasey And again, I appreciate the care you are taking with this forum and I understand the time it takes to monitor a forum such as this, however, this does not answer my original question.

    I had to deduce what word, or words, sent my posts (now 3) into review. All of which contribute to the furthering of the lore. And I'm afraid to reword my posts for fear that I'll then be accused of spamming a forum you and others have taken the time, time you probably don't have, to make, when my others pass finally do make it through review.

    Is there some way to spread up the review process? Is there some kind of timeline that will allow us to be more patient?

    And is it possible for you and your team, to provide us with a list of unapproved words so that we will be forewarned and plan our words accordingly before pressing the"post comment"?

  • Thanks for the thoughtful feedback @wikkedimp, we're actively working to both improve the speed with which we process flagged posts as well as solutions to help people understand what's being flagged and why. We seek to review everything within 24 hours of it being flagged, and the majority of the content is reviewed in less than 5.

    In the meantime, we're revisiting our list of "prohibited" terms to make things a bit more simple and focused on abuse prevention and a bit less prohibitive of specific topics. Unfortunately, we can't share this list as it would empower bad actors to further be bad by talking around content that would otherwise be queued for review.

    Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve this experience, I know that this can be difficult at times and trust me when I say we're committed to finding the best balance.

  • GorillaSapiensGorillaSapiens ✭✭✭✭

    Is the list of prohibited words available? Without knowing what the words are, any punishments based on prohibited words just seems arbitrary.

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    @GorillaSapiens I've figured out one or two, basically through trial and error. Not that I was trying to game the system, I just figured out what word or words my posts had in common.

    Not that I can repeat those words exactly (it'll send this post into review, lol).

    My suggestion would be to read what you wrote as if you were a troll and change the words that look like they can be used for harassing.

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    @NianticCasey I am giving up on this website. I have had several discussions and posts to discussions sitting in manual review for over a week now. All I wanted to do was discuss the story as it is and I am not being allowed to do so here due to whatever restrictions have been placed on my account. I will stick to reddit.

    I wish you well

  • edited August 2019

    Hi there @wikkedimp, sincerely sorry to see you go. Our intent in creating these restrictions was not to cause frustration but to curb potential abuse and harassment (which they have allowed us to do so far). I'll be the first to admit that we're still working on streamlining the process, and that includes taking a second look at the "bad words" list to make it a bit less restrictive where it makes sense. For example, I recently removed "****" from the list as it's more of a colloquialism than a curse.

    Apologies for the delay in my response, I was chatting with our moderation team and we couldn't find any posts that have been waiting for review for more than a few hours. I personally check the queue multiple times per day to process and they have a very tight goal. Are there any comments specifically that you can remember that are missing or that you suspect are still in review?

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    @NianticCasey how long do we have to wait for a manual review to go through?

  • @NianticCasey I posted this to Reddit 2 days after I posted it to this site. It is what prompted my starting this thread.

    I don't understand it. I don't get it. I doesn't make sense. The words I used in the Reddit thread are the same words I tried to post here. They are the same words I have seen posted by others, and yet I am left in limbo waiting for a manual review or, as it now appears, wondering if my posts a are even getting through after being told it's going to review by the computer.

  • Thanks for the info @wikkedimp. I looked through the moderation queue and wasn't able to find a record of this post. Can you check your profile's draft page to see if these posts are even being submitted successfully? This could be something completely unrelated to the moderation process.

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