Prime Mission List Sorting

Yesterday on Prime only day I played a mission banner. I was extremely annoyed by the bad or non-existing sorting of missions by distance in the mission list. I know it is only one of the criteria for sorting, but the missions were all >95% and done often but still did not appear on the first page even though being the closest one.

Here are two screenshots from today in Prague, currently doing Rudolfinum 20. The problem is obvious!



  • hitramhitram ✭✭
    edited August 12

    i think in an old AMA it was asked to have mission sorted in alphabet, or able to search. a big wish from all of us who do missions .

    maybe one day?

    p.s.: on the positive note, i like that in prime i can see where i am at in a mission (for example 5 portal from 6)

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