Location in scanner is floating towards the edge of screen.

Forced to use Prime when Redacted was on "service" I experienced a few annoying bugs and "features". These are the worst I found and should be addressed somehow. Please.

Summary of issues:

  1. My location floats, or move, to the edge of the screen and get stuck there. Entering portals and/or inventory sometimes fixed the location. Sometimes restart of app was needed to fix it.
  2. Startup time Prime: 1 min 31 sec, Startup Redacted: 12 sec. Prime is ruining the gameplay except when on a hacking trip. Forget about "fighting" for portals. (Game restarts all the time when I need to use another app for a few sec (phone/SMS/chat/etc) and move back to Ingress.
  3. Lots of in-game lag/hangs and gets worse during gameplay in Prime.

Device: iPhone 6 plus

OS: iOS 12.3.1

App version: Prime: 2.27.2-49fa353b Redacted: 1.133.4 2018-11-05T05:19:19Z


  • OthinnMxOOthinnMxO ✭✭✭

    I've found that the easiest way to fix the "off center" glitch is to go into the XMP selection screen (or whatever you call the "Attack" or "Fire" mode). The camera snaps right back into place, and then you just exit the screen.

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