Niantic to manually review one of our submissions/edits after a certain amount of analysis/upgrades

I really believe we deserve this guys. And we can make the difference to make it happen. Doing OPR is so much time consuming, we should be better rewarded for it (let’s not forget we are Niantic’s customers, not employees).

Upgrades are great, but often not enough. Let’s say you have a very important submission waiting for months among many others, or you have one that keeps being rejected despite being valid. Let’s say you have a portal edit pending for months or even years (there are not upgrades for edits, there should be imo). It would be awesome, but also absolutely fair and deserved, if we could earn the right to ask Niantic to manually process one of our requests (NOT randomly, we would tell them which one to review) for every 5,000 portals analyzed or 25 agreements.

These numbers are just an idea but the concept doesn’t change. I’m not sure if it would be better to have this reward per agreements or analysis. If it was per analysis, I am afraid that reviewers would rush to reach the goal; on the other hand, in some areas getting agreements takes quite a long time due to the lack of reviewers.

Reviewing 5,000 portals or getting 25 agreements takes a while, so Niantic wouldn’t be overwhelmed by our requests; on our side, though, it would be a game changer. I would personally be the happiest player in the world if this system was a thing and I would be so much more motivated in continuing to do OPR.

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