Prime: Unable to Abort any hack

In the old Ingress, one can abort a hack if the glyph was not possible to do or there was not enough time to complete a glyph because of the mistakes made while trying to glyph, or something came up and needed to get back to the main screen without wasting a glyph/hack. In Prime if you abort, it normal hacks instead. Even minimising and resuming the app doesn't abort the hack/glyph (Android). So a hack is wasted and have to wait 5 minutes.

I would love to have an option to abort the hack/glyph without going through with it so that I can redo it. Thanks.



  • vadarfvadarf ✭✭

    I think this is the correct behavior (and it was the case for the iOS agents since the beginning).

    If you decide to glyph hack, then you just have to glyph, which possibly leads to a normal hack if you don't glyph or get it all wrong. The hack itself is not "wasted", you just lose the bonus items.

    There is no such thing as a "not possible" glyph btw :D

  • DJPatesDJPates ✭✭

    I was more referring to the fact that if we were to abort a glyph hack, it would become a normal hack. When using Ingress 1 on Android, I could completely not hack that portal if I minimised the app and returned. Not sure if that was a bug or intended. But I could retry glyphing without wasting a try with an accidental press or swipe, or if I ran out of time to enter the sequence.

    Not saying that there are impossible glyph sequences or patterns.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, but on iOS, there is no way to do this, other than closing Ingress and opening it up again. I do this when I complex glyph P8 portals and the sequence lags, making it hard to see all glyphs long enough to remember the sequence.

    Closing and opening REDACTED only takes like 8 seconds, but with Prime shutting down and re-launching takes like 23 seconds. So I just abort or do the glyphs I know.

  • DJPatesDJPates ✭✭

    Yes, apparently the loophole was that you can forcefully terminate a glyph hack so that you can try again. It's easier on an Android. Works differently on iOS.

  • DJPatesDJPates ✭✭

    Oh, then in that case it would be a suggestion to include that option.

  • Inzwischen kann man "Wiederholen", wenn mitten in einer Glyphe ein Problem auftritt.

    Die Schrift "Wiederholen" geht im deutschsprachigen Scanner über den Button hinaus, was nicht schön aussieht.

    Schön wäre es, wenn dies berichtigt werden könnte.

    Würde gerne einen Screenshot bei fügen, aber ich bin zum ersten Mal hier - das ist der erste Post - und ich sehe dazu keine Option.

  • DJPatesDJPates ✭✭

    @Speckwursti Apologies, could you translate that for me in English? Thanks for your comment.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭

    Meanwhile, you can "redo" when a problem occurs in the middle of a glyph.

    The font "Redo" goes beyond the button in the German scanner, which does not look nice.

    It would be nice if this could be corrected.

    I'd like to add a screenshot, but I'm here for the first time - that's the first post - and I do not see that as an option.

    He's talking about the redo/retry button, if you mess up a glyph you retry. In German the text doesn't fit in the button. (Which is an issue for all languages, even English, truncated too big text etc.

  • One can press the repeat button to redo a glyph. In the german version of the scanner, prime, the word "Wiederholen" (repeat), is bigger than the button and the first two and last two letters are above the corner of the button. That doesn't look great. Is there a way to fix it?

  • Why do I get a flag on my first comment in this forum? I saw the discussion in german, because my computer traslated it automatically. That's why I wrote in german. To get a flag on the first activity in this forum is not a warm welcome!

  • In these days of google translate, nobody needs to flag a comment because it's in a different language. It was a very well written comment in German.

    I sometimes long-press the hack button, then wish I could back out of the hack at that point...I often start pushing that button out of habit then realize I didn't want to hack yet. You can lock me into the hack once the glyphs start.

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