UI Update 1 has made Prime slower and clunkier

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So I've been using the new update for a bit and I have to say that I'm really not liking some of the changes and questioning why they were made. Playing on an iPhone 8 Plus. List below.

  1. Almost all interactions seem to be when the press ends now. I used to be able to swipe into a Glyph hack and be entering commands right away. Having to release my swipe on the right spot feels a thousand times slower and requires much more precision. Similarly I used to be able to swipe into hack-no-key when I'm trying to hack quickly on the go. Again it feels much slower and clunkier. Another example of this awful change is when charge-firing XMPs. If you move your finger even 1 pixel off of the Fire button (which is now inexplicably tiny) the action is totally canceled and you are left still pressing wondering why nothing is happening. This is probably the worst change in this update and I really hope it wasn't intentional.
  2. When swiping the menu bar on the bottom to the left to open inventory, if your press ends on the manage button you're instantly in the mass-recycle mode. Maybe a symptom of the change above.
  3. The x button to close a portal view has moved way up to be closer to the Hack button than the bottom of the screen. Why is it so close to hack? What's with all the blank space at the bottom of the screen? The interaction area of the x is pretty small - it's hard to close a portal now. This wasn't an issue before... why move it? Same issue with the x to get out of the Deploy screen and the Fire screen. The x is now too close to the rest of the UI elements I'm trying to interact with. It was easier to hit when it was at the bottom of the screen. There's text there now instead in some places, but it's generally useless information - and it's not like I can read it anyway because my thumb is in the way since the things I need to interact with are above them.
  4. The Fire, Deploy, Install, and Upgrade buttons are too small now. I really liked having a big area to interact with so I could go quickly. Now I'm forced to slow way down to hit the tiny buttons.
  5. Portal energy bars are fuzzy and have huge borders. It's way harder to glance and see where the energy bar is at now than it used to be because literally more than half of the bar is the border. I took a screenshot and measured - the energy bar when viewing a portal is 21 pixels wide. The borders on each side are 6 pixels each. This only leaves 9 pixels for the bar itself. That's ridiculous.
  6. It's really hard to judge energy levels quickly when scrolling through keys to recharge. The diamond-indicator for a fully charged resonator now gets lost in the image background and due to the above mentioned issue it's hard to see resonator energy here as well.

And the patch notes said the bug where you get stuck on "Command Channel Open" was fixed - it is not. Stuck for over a minute after only 15 or so hacks this morning.


  • I haven’t been having problems so far

  • The actions buttons could definitely be bigger and the the swipe into the inventory going straight into the management screen needs to be fixed. Other than that, I love the new update imo

  • Moving the management button to left bothers me a ton. It seems completely pointless. With swiping motion trigger it, I hope they move it back.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Issue #227

    A bug that was reported 8 months ago, still exists. Apparently changing how text displays is a very hard bug to squash? I tested Prime out this past weekend to try to micro field, and this silly bug still exists and as a fielder (50k+ fields), I remember why I don't open Prime unless I want to Recurse. Any field over 2 digits is cut off. It was bad enough that I had to keep opening redacted or checking iitc to see if the fields I was layering were actually layering or not. App did manage to lock up while I was fielding.

    Used a Samsung S9 on Android 9 using the Prime ver 2.27-2 (latest).

    I was fielding in the morning, but the screen was still super horrible to look at. Kept having to duck into shade to see the screen and perform most actions.

    Did the mass recycling in Prime always have a " Microsoft Are you sure you want to" option when recycling or is that new? Because it really slows down the flow of things. There are a few of those options that just seem to slow down the flow. Micro fielding tends to fill up my inventory with gear quickly due to constantly glyphing for more keys.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, recycling in Prime always asked "do you want to recycle these items".

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