why can't i cut & paste?

tried to make a long post with a url in it

oops, i need to be a certain age to post w/ url?

remove url from post

same error message.

ok, open new window, try to cut and paste.

CANNOT COPY WHOLE LONG POST (majaro linux, chromium Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit))

(fume for a while)

accidentally discover i can cut one paragraph at a time and paste it into new window.


(then see "your post is submitted for review"??? you're moderating all posts? i bet that is fun)


  • AstargAstarg ✭✭

    You need to be level 2 to post proper URLs and to quote. You need likes/insightfuls. Remember that as you go through posts and see 1^ people.

    Remove the https://www. from the URL then post the rest. Most browsers will understand what to do. Haven't tried pasting in a response.

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