Why are there no dates on discussions?

This is a very basic thing for any forum, show the date a discussion was started, and almost every forum also extends that by also showing the date and time of the latest post within it. There is even tonnes of empty white space on the list for this.


  • I was just coming to this discussion category to post this very same thing. I hope dates (i.e. last date/time of a post on a thread) are added soon.

  • KadahKadah ✭✭✭

    I made a topic about this a while ago. This forum setup is not very good. Generally too annoying to use the community due to things like this and the basic lack of activity here doesn't help either. The complete lack of threaded replies makes it a whole lot less engageable than the subreddit was. This forum does have semi-functional quote "replies", but NIA decided to lock users out of those till they get something like 50-200 points. Notifications here are so far non-functional, and there doesn't seem to be any form of unread tracking or pretty much any basic quality of life stuff, like topic dates, that has been standard on social platforms for almost 2 decades.

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