Prime Portal Subs going missing and merging in to existing portals.

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Hi folks, just wondered if anyone else is having this problem.

Any time i've ever submitted a new portal, they never take more than a week to come back. However with prime 2 of the portals i submitted, one in may and one last month, have still have never came back as accepted or rejected.

The strange part though... On Monday, the picture i took for the portal i submitted in May replaced the image on the portal nearest to where i submitted it. Anyone any idea what is going on there?

I've also had a portal i submitted last week appear in the game today despite receiving no confirmation email.

Has anyone else had similair problems?


  • If you use gmail, check 'Categories->Promotions' for the email notifications.

    If a picture from a submit winds up on an existing portal it has been marked as duplicate by the agents reviewing the submission in OPR.

  • I have seen this before as well. Never get an email back about rejection or duplicate, but ultimately find the portal picture on a nearby portal.

  • I am seeing a similar issue. I’ve been submitting with prime since it came out, and I have not heard back on a single submission from prime but I have from redacted. Is something holding prime submissions back?

  • Never got an e-mail for my nom going as duplicate.

  • pile13pile13
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    it wasn't a duplicate portal though, it was however both churches but they both look completely different.

    I made 9 more submissions last Saturday and still not heard back from any of them, i think there is something broken as i used to always get everything back so fast. i think something has glitched somewhere along the line whether it is with my submissions or on the OPR side.

    I never did get a confirmation email for the one that appeared in the game either which was strange. I use hotmail and have never had a problem receiving ingress related emails in the past, they've always been fine up untill Prime nominations went live.

  • Yeah for some reasons we aren’t getting rejections emails for duplicates.

  • I have seen one just this morning.

  • KatthKatth ✭✭✭

    If you mean mine, it was because it was upgraded in OPR :-)

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