Nemesis glyph challenge

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Having been a glyph challenge winner previously, when I saw the Nemesis challenge come up I thought it looked like a bit of fun to draw super big like I did the harmony glyph. After some mucking about and a couple of redraws I found a combination that worked, and I set about mapping out the route I'd take to achieve my goal. Whilst I was doing this, I was called upon to check intel in the Adelaide CBD for an agent in the field, and that's when it dawned on me that there was a way better plan to be put into motion... The nemesis glyph fit perfectly over the CBD, and our CBD is notorious for being wall to wall mesh fielded green and heavily shielded.

In the days prior to op day, our CBD agents chipped away at the northern half of the city, then on Sunday 14th July we gathered together and punched out the remaining holes we needed in order to complete our glyph. Funnily, the greatest challenge on the day ended up being keeping a lid on our agents that were playing in the city that weren't in our op linking across our lanes! That frustration aside, we're really proud of what we achieved, and we had fun causing a little mischief for the afternoon.

One week before :

Three days before :

Nemesis glyph complete

Intel operators:



Ground crew:





















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