Capsule ordering

Please re-work how capsules are shown in the item carousel.

Right now, my capsules are ordered:

1: Empty Quantum Capsules

2: Empty Regular Capsules

3: Some Quantum Capsules with items

4: Some Regular Capsules with items

5: Some more Quantum Capsules with items

It would be pretty great if we went back to how Redacted orders them.

1: Quantums with items

2: Empty Quantums

3: Regulars with items

4: Empty Regulars



  • Have you tried setting a new name on the capsules to see how that affects it ?

    Never mind, I just tried it. For me the order seems to be (I have no empty Quantum, certainly not un-renamed ones).

    1. Empty and not renamed normal capsules
    2. Quantum Capsules (all are renamed and have at least one item in them)
    3. A named, but empty, normal capsule
    4. Key Capsules

    It doesn't seem to matter what the custom names are. My Quantums start with 01 to 15 for ordering, and my key capsules are 51-55 for the same reason. The empty, but renamed, normal capsule appears between them no matter if its name starts 00, 30 or 60.

    An option to have all renamed capsules treated the same for sorting would be good, then you've enabled each agent ordering them precisely how they want. Stacks of non-renamed/empty capsules of either type will still present a conundrum. Some agents will want them first, some very last (but then swiping all the way right on the carousel hits them instead of key caps!). I realise that my suggestion will complicate the categories carousel.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    It is based on the name, but it still breaks them up oddly

  • It's based on the name within a capsule type (and if it has anything in it), yes. But as above, using 00 (before 01), 30 (after 15, before 51) or 60 (after 55) as the initial digits of the empty normal capsule's name doesn't move it around in the order at all.

  • Would suggest the capsules are placed at other end of scroll (ie to left) next to resos and weapons. Preferable with just the 3 different capsule types, ie plain, Quantum, keylocker,, so you can click on capsule type and go to underlying capsules.

    My experience is I spend most time scrolling from one end to the other from weapons to capsules, which in annoying and time consuming.

  • I'd prefer this how it currently is, giving quick recycle/manage access to Resonators and XMP. You know you can quick swipe-left on the categories to get to the right hand side, yes ? That will land you on your left-most Key Capsule. For this reason I have a few important Quantums named to sort at the end of that section, so I can category-swipe all the way to the right, then back one for the last of them.

  • Agree re the quick recycle... prefer to have Resos, then XMP, then capsules.

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