Account Terminated: There must be a mistake!

Sorry regulars, I'm sure you are thinking "Groan* another one of these, but I'm trying everything to get this fixed. You would too in my shoes.

I need your help Niantic and your help center is less helpful and more automated to ignore you. All I get is a generic message stating they concluded I cheated and if I want to play again make a new account.

I submitted on my appeal all my google timelines for my recent time of playing. I play alongside my wife and we never share phones and travel frequently for large hours of the day to take down large triangles in our area.

I've have put a lot of time and money into this game and can't even get a simple explanation for what's going on.

Agent Name is CryoPenguin


  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭

    What mobile do you use?

    What OS version?

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on Cricket Network

    I'm honestly not sure? My phone says Android Version 9.

  • I'm sorry for your loss. Consider it as a "forced" recusrion! 🔄

    With so many petitions, I can only imagine the backlog and the interns staring at it! 🛂

    Hang tough, agent!

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    something flagged your playstyle i guess... i dont know write a ticket say u want know exact reason ?

  • CryoPenguinCryoPenguin ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    Thanks Kevin. Still hoping and waiting on a reply from them from somewhere.

  • I was also banned recently and still haven’t heard back on my appeal, even though in my email it says their decision is final and I should start over. I can’t think of anything that could have caused my account to be flagged as cheating since I’ve strictly use the account for portal submitting since I hit level 10 in March. And over three months later I get banned? I just don’t understand.

    Agent Hujijolp

  • It's absolutely frustrating they can't even give me a vague reason for my ban. There are plenty of companies that list reasons for bans. It's impossible to appeal under these conditions and reflects poorly on this company. Haven't bought anything on POGO or Wizards since this happened.

    I also don't understand how they can treat POGO players so softly but I get a permaban out of nowhere. You give those annoying POGO spoofers a 3 strike rule according to your help center!

  • @NianticCasey

    Can I get any help with this one or at worst will the new 3 strike policies allow me to play again since nobody can tell me the issue.

  • Maybe it just slipped your mind, but you forgot to mention your other banned account "CryoNomad".. I'm all for believing in the underdog, but at this point it seems less an accident and more "POGO Player banned for stupid games, wins stupid prizes"

  • CryoPenguinCryoPenguin ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    Hiya FT! Good to see you on here. It would be rather dumb to appeal twice when that's a violation of ToS to have two active accounts. I think I'll just try to get back the one account and go from there if I can. For the record I never had the two at the same time but started over as their support told me I would be better off doing so. I won't be fooled a 3rd time.

  • Copy paste from another post.

    I personally have lost more than 4 accounts 15 months ago, for no reason. The last 3 were 24 hour accounts that got to lvl4 and got the ban mail the next day. I was playing with a 2015 phone running custom oreo rom as there were no official updates. To this day i dont know what caused the bans. The help center was of no help and i only stopped getting banned after changing phones. They still call me a cheater to this day.

    6 months ago something similar happened to a teamate. His account banned for no reason on a prime only account. Heavily reported after capturing a mountain peak by butthurt people. Niantic even flipped the portal to NIAgamemaster. The twist to this story is the banned agent had photos from the peak. He sent the to out telegram group before getting banned, not to prove something, but to show us the view. Even sent videos of the hike.

    He appealed and got an answer 9 minutes later saying the ban was permanent.

    2 weeks ago the exact same thing happened to another agent capturing a difficult peak and getting heavily reported by the toxic community. He too had photos but not videos. The portal wasnt flipped to NIAgamemaster and as he was waiting for his appeal decision he made another account and changed device per my advice. His new account got banned in less than 40 hours. Sent appeal again and waited.

    We tried to reach everyone we knew for help and he was approached by someone on telegram asking for proof.

    After a few days he got his account back but his second was found to have cheated and banned permanently.

    Now you can believe what im saying or dismiss it as a cry from a cheater who got caught and can't deal with getting banned.

    The truth is, there's something very wrong with how the company deals with bans and the anti cheat mechanics have serious flaws.

  • @qomWmop and @CryoPenguin could it be that your accounts were banned because you were mutiaccounting? Surely not.....

  • @CryoPenguin also.....dont forget about that whole spoofing business.......

  • No it couldn't. Every account was being used alone. The next was created after a ban had occurred and so on.

    I would think that was pretty obvious by my post.

  • @hawklet00

    Nah no spoofing here. The lady and I basically drive and play at parks together. Which is why I am so at a loss for what trigged my ban while she's okay. I submitted days of google timelines showing my daily endeavors heard nothing back yet.

    As for multi-accounting. After they hit my first account the automated message said if I wanted to play again make a new account. No serious investments lost the first go so I made a new one rather than wait the month I have read everywhere to get a decent appeal case heard. Well, they banned the next account I made so at this point I figured I had better start appealing.

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭

    i got banned once, never had an answer back of any kind just an email telling me your account is terminated i appealed and they just told after checking my account they decided my ban is fine, never gave me the reason never knew what did happened...ended creating another account three months laters...but everyday i play i always think ''this might happen again and i wont even know why''

  • That’s what I was afraid of, but why should I have to always be worried about submitting portals on a fresh level 10 account, for fear that Niantic might flag it as a purchased account? Their system is utterly ridiculous.

  • I don't think they would do that. Purchased accounts for agents are easy to spot - not an account you legitimately leveled from 0. Some of them show up here with stats that are not feasible for a human. They may just be harmlessly submitting portals, but you never know. It saddens me that these accounts don't get banned on their automated nefarious journey before sold, but I guess thats an NIA problem to solve.

  • @NianticCasey Will the new policies be retroactive for those currently in appeal processes?

  • Can you please guide me how to submit a ticket, because I wrote to the support like 3 times, and the bot just ignored me.

  • Thank goodness there's hope. Looks like it took ten days. I'd be super upset if I lost some of my difficult to reach stuff from lack of charging while they figure it out, but I'd be super happy to have gotten the account back for sure. Congrats @CryoPenguin

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