Ingress Prime v. 2.27 Release Notes



  • For me as a person with a strong vision **** the new (prime) Scanner will be the end of the game and I wish that NIA could keep the old scanner alive. Sorry, to say this but I won’t be able to play ingress efficiently anymore. Good bye. Gammapersei

  • This update on the iPhone XR is really solid, and the best experience I have had with Prime yet!

  • dznadzna ✭✭

    Nice work on the latest update. Easier UI and runs smoother

  • Shift the hack output info box above the pointer. That way it won't be in the way of selecting new portal and dismissing it will be also easy.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you look into Mission Sorting?

  • Got a forced update to 2.27.2 from 2.25... Aaand I'll have to switch back to Redacted, because now Prime restarts every time it is put in background.

    Other remarks:

    I wish getting to keys in the inventroy was more direct. Perhaps changing the "items" and "keys" places could help? Since we click on the left, getting to keys would require only one more click at the same location, instead of having to travel to the other side of the screen.

    Great improvement to the way the keys load in the caroussel, the ones that are still loading do not display as neutral anymore (that was extremely confusing). Too bad the photos are still loaded before the portal status, in poor coverage areas it will take forever to load all.

    Items caroussel looks nice as well.

    Also (this was already the case for 2.26, the reason why I delayed the update), the glyph interface takes an extra second to load. So it is no longer possible to swipe from hack button and immediately draw the command sequence.

    I noticed all sound is now disabled by default, this will cause new players to miss out on the amazing sound design...

  • fiewcefiewce ✭✭

    Any news on the constant game breaking bugs? You know, hack lock, rubber banding and other connection issues Ingress has had since long before Prime? What about the new game breaking bugs, like the empty red brackets of doom? Your netcode has serious technical debt, serious enough to make the game frequently literally unplayable. Are these considered "stability improvements"?

    Are you even willing to admit such massive bugs exist?

  • KadahKadah ✭✭✭

    Its not just that too but having any level of photo-sensitivity makes Prime unusable as well. The map effects of Prime give me a migraine if I try to use it for more than a minute or so. I don't know what they did, its been over 15 years since I've encountered something new that triggers this.

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