Ingress Prime v. 2.27 Release Notes


In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner. 


Ingress Prime

Release Notes

v. 2.27


For 2.27.1:

  • Feature: User Interface (UI) Update 1 implemented. Changes include… 
  • UI: Updated all Inventory screens for greater visual clarity and consistency.
  • UI: Altered aspects of the Key list screen to be more visible. 
  • UI: Altered the Portal information screen to make certain elements easier to see. 
  • UI: Moved the Store out of the Inventory screen.
  • UI: Added a world map marker to the Deploy screen to indicate where a selected Resonator is or where a new one will be deployed.
  • UI: Simplified the layout of messages related to linking. Now all messages appear in a single place, right below the centered Key.
  • UI: Updated the look of some of the pop-up (Toast) messages to make them smaller and less obtrusive.
  • UI: Added additional toast messages for Inventory interaction to explain why some buttons were/are inactive.
  • UI: Added an option in the Key Detail view to expand very long Portal descriptions.
  • UI: Tweaked some of the dialogue button layouts to be bigger and easier to click on. 
  • UI: Added instructional messages under each carousel to inform Agents of their purpose and how to use them. 
  • UI: Adjusted the item reward box that pops-up after a successful Hack. 
  • UI: Removed the (X) button and replaced it with a cancel button on pop-up windows.
  • UI: The main selected item in the item carousel was made slightly smaller and the unselected items slightly bigger. This helped to reduce the spacing and display more of the unselected items.
  • UI: Improved the functionality and visibility of the Link carousel. 
  • UI: Improved the “More Missions” button. 
  • UI: Switched the red Compass to dynamic (pointing North) and yellow for static Compass (previously the opposite). 
  • UI: Addressed some readability issues with certain fonts. 
  • UI: Changed the background color to match background color of the Mission details.
  • UI: Added title to map view and increased size of map.
  • UI: Added Agent names to main Portal Interaction view. They will fade in after about a second.
  • UI: Dimmed Resonator previews when Portal is neutral.
  • UI: Adding commas to item and Key counts.
  • UI: Adjusted the size of Power Cube tap button.
  • UI: Updated the look of the loading spinner.
  • UI: Optimized the animation of the mods when click to expand them. Also adjusted their scale and format.
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the mods would not align properly.
  • UI: Repositioned the recharge buttons and altered the color of the text.
  • UI: Updated Key icon in the recharge screen and altered the color. 
  • UI: When making a Link the distance will now be more visible. 
  • UX: Added XM calculations for recycling items by rarity.
  • UX: Added Button to Drop a Key directly from Key Detail view.
  • UX: When a Portal cannot be charged the text “Charge” is now gray
  • Bug: Fixed a memory leak issue related to the Scanner map. 
  • Bug: Adjusted the item carousel and other buttons to be better optimized for the iPhone X.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug causing the top recharge panel to overlap other visualizations.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue when interacting with or rotating the map that caused item, Portal, or other interactions to inadvertently be triggered. 
  • Bug: Updated the end of new Agent tutorial to correctly display the Agent’s name, icon, and recommendations for next steps.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented swiping on the main menu button.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the end of the new Agent tutorial appears immediately after restarting the tutorial.
  • Bug: Fixed bug where a Mod slot would appear inactive when full
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the map on the Missions page was not properly aligned
  • Bug: Fixed an issue causing empty Resonators to show up when scrolling the Key List view.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the main Portal buttons were darkened or invisible after a user cancelled a long press.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Shards on other Portals could sometimes be seen in the main Portal view.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the Power Cube view could overlap other user interface elements in the Portal Interaction screen.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where one of the Key scrollbars in Capsule management overlapped Key names.
  • Bug: Fixing and issue where the Store close button could be off-screen.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where XM would not show up. 
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with players getting a double toast message when out of XM.
  • Bug: Resolved various Inventory UI bugs. 
  • Bug: Resolved various bugs with Resonator selection in the Portal interaction screen.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to field creation. 
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where an Agent name could overlap the Portal image
  • Bug: Fixed an issue causing the Glyph command channel to be non-responsive. 


  • Improvements to map readability in sunlight
  • UI Update 2
  • Overall app stability
  • Portal Edits & Reporting
  • Continued bug fixes and parity


To see a list of known issues go here:



  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    I Will have 2.27 now in Google Play Store! 😁👍

  • Good!!

  • Looks like a great update with alot of fixes. Thank you.

    Any idea on when the OPR log in issue is being fixed wich prevents players, who previously connected to facebook, from participating in OPR? It's been a problem for over at least 3 months.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Actually new UI looks not so good as it was.Button-pressing animations as for me look horrible,even more blue scanner for an Enl agent(hack output).Key "charge" is too little button,soon we'll have anomaly with RR,so it will be a reason to use Redacted. Main portal for me,again,it is a big step backwards 'cos it looks a bit deformated and also not so pretty as was in previous release.Maybe it all is connected to lower resolution,i dont know.Then,about start,seems no changes in start screens and i can't see if it starts faster or not 'cos i haven't measured time,but feels that now app works a bit faster but starts slower.Redmi 4x with custom AospExtended ROM 4.6:)

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    So far so good imo.

    Looks like a improvement in every change. Except, maybe, the fact that the manage button is full letters now, and left side. I was already used to it being just a circle icon. But I can get used again, it not a big issue (but would be prettier, and before looked like a secret feature).

    New mod, install and attack screens looks way better! The button could be slightly bigger thou.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    Still locking up 🙄

  • Can you please tell us more about portal edits and reporting?

  • jimsugjimsug ✭✭

    Is there any confirmation on whether this will work on Android q beta?

  • KadahKadah ✭✭✭

    New bug for 2.27 (maybe 2.26 since I never touched it beyond launching it for 10 second before updating to check for pre-2.27 UI changes):

    Locks up when viewing a key, locks up randomly elsewhere too after as little as 2 minutes after launch. Must force quit and relog. If this is new for 2.27, but it sounds like it's not, I won't be surprised if the update gets pulled.

    Random input lag everywhere. I have show touches enabled and I can see the touches being registered, but Prime either does nothing, responds after a random delay and in an inconsistent manner, or works as well as its normal is.

    Item carousel changes:

    Improved: Main item carousel not as extremely twitchy, still awkward but slightly better. It's about 20% as intuitive and fluid as Redacted's.

    Confusing: New "Manage" button when a single capsule is selected (not tapped) goes to bulk recycle. Prime uses the same "mange" verb for opening the console but only after tapping the capsule.

    Bad/No Change: Filter carousel is still unusably twitchy. Even the slightest swipe causes it to go to hyper speed. Weapons carousel movement is unintuitive and inconsistent (and different from filter carousel), slight swipe will either do no movement (more often when on the right most item), skip 1-5 items, or move to next item.


    TBH, cannot notice any change other than it now has, inconsistently, input lag on scrolling. Text layout on key detail screen still overlapping and cutting off. Cannot view more than the first 6-12 photos depending on phone length and if it will allow pulling the screen up (scrolling is not a thing and pulling is very inconsistent). Still just as bad as before.

    Main Map View:

    Still a blurry unusable mess and gives me a migraine if I look at it for too long or try to use it.

    RAM Usage:

    No change, still stupidly high as before.

    Given the size of the change list, I expected to notice more changes but honestly it looks almost exact the same as before and input on parts actually feel even worse now with the only exception being the main item carousel. Hoping the next UI update has more than one small improvement...

  • K4CharelK4Charel ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    UI is much better, easier to read. A tremendous step in the right direction!

    But why is the Yes/No confirmation box not in the same order for recycling and for exit the scanner? 🤔

    Consistency is key in these.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    I hope @NianticScot relese It now in Google Play Store.

  • Can we get a "By Distance" filter for Missions, please?

  • ThaldeonThaldeon ✭✭✭

    I didn't know that the UI could get any worse but, congrats, it did!

  • Another release, another parity feature put in the back room....

    Issue #383 i.e. immersive mode as a "new feature request".. This shouldn't be a new feature request. It should be a "feature parity" task. It exists in the original client, and also REDACTED as an option to enable. So it should be in Prime also right? Aside from other UI things to sort, this one not being there takes up to much screen real estate and is annoying.

    The Harry Potter wizard thing was released with this mode as default. Why not Prime?

  • Maxr1998Maxr1998 ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    The new update is definitely an improvement, thanks a lot for the continued work on it! Contrast seems so much better (yellow text, more prominent buttons, new toast, etc.), the total item number is much more visible, and the changed manage button is pretty useful. Only thing I absolutely don't like is the new button animation, which looks extremly busy/overanimated (a simple highlight of the button would do, the multi-colored effect feels awful).

    The manage button is pretty nice, although for keys, it currently doesn't make a lot of sense - maybe one might even remove it in that view.

    Another thing I noticed, that the border of the resonator-charge bar is thicker at the top, this is probably a bug?

    Various other things that I'm still not happy with:

    • Loading capsules requires an extra click for every item type - first click should pick the first item, not only select
    • Comms need to get a lot denser, they still require too much space for the information displayed
    • Same for portal keys, maybe have them displayed in two columns?
    • Clicking the key tab again while in key list should scroll back to the top
    • The store button looks like it's grayed out, probably a bug
    • The "normal" glyph hack countdown is still too long
    • Agent names on deployed resonators should show instantly and get hidden after 3 seconds, not the other way around
    • Capsule manage screen should show labels
    • Screen top & bottom paddings are too much, I'd like to have the quick button lower and agent name and AP higher - ideally, this should be a user-facing setting, to accommodate different devices and screen sizes - e.g. devices with software nav buttons might want to have it different than gesture controlled ones
  • Portal Nomaitions don't get submitted even in good data connection.

  • I’m getting used to the buttons being moved, but there’s one issue I have with the key carousel. The resonator bar colors have changed to a faded blue so that in many cases it’s very hard to see if all resonators are fully charged against the portal picture in the background. The resonator bars need to stand out better.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    - The static compass icon should not be orange.

    A lot of things are actually OK with this build, just the main UI buttons like Deploy, Fire, Use, Charge, Manage, Drop etc are too small, which I have detailed in the UI feedback thread.

    It isn't nitpicking, I seriously cannot reliably hit those buttons because they are too small.

    I don't have big fingers/thumbs.

  • sthensthen ✭✭

    There are some welcome changes in this update though the UI for the changes seems a bit unrefined.

    There still really needs to be an option to disable the flame effect on portals and pulsing in fields ("Dynamic visual effects on/off"?) Tweaks to how they work won't help, the whole idea of very visible movement for things which represent a steady state clearly just doesn't work for many players (and by giving the option you'll be able to find out how many players it doesn't work for!)

    Key management: why have "manage" and "drop" buttons on the first information page for a portal, where "manage" then presents a secondary page with "drop" and "recycle"? Replace the "manage" text with "recycle", get rid of "drop" on the secondary page, move the recycle button to where "drop" is now. This would allow recycling one key by tapping twice without moving your finger. I think this was possible in Redacted though can't check today as it's blocked.

    There's still no way to quickly drop or recycle a key from a nearby portal accessed from the map like there is in Redacted, you need to go through the keys list (losing your place in the list if you're working through a daily recharge).

  • edited July 2019

    The critical feature that kept me using scanner redacted was the navigate function. As an alternative to staring down at your phone, the audio was necessary for player safety - especially when you're crossing busy city intersections. "Remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times," and all that.

    Now that we're forced to use prime, I think it's important to restore navigation.

    (NB - if the feature is there and I'm just missing it, please let me know!)

  • BocanBocan ✭✭

    I see it finally works on Android Q as well. Now I'll see if it bans me. ;-)

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    Updated to 2.27.2 (on Android 9) but it no longer runs in full screen. The top half of my XM tank counter is hidden behind the status bar. When I go into Settings to configure full screen apps, only Redacted has a toggle and it says Prime is already optimised to run full screen. The startup screen is full screen but when the map appears so does the status bar and navigation bar.

  • I don't like the location of the hack button down by the bottom right thumb but can live with it. The real annoyance is that box popping up over the center bottom of the screen showing the next portal that you have to click off to actually see the next portal. Please move it somehow to a peripheral location so we can actually click the portal instead of clicking off then click on the portal. Annoying to say the least especially in a dense area where the box may cover several portals.


    Since update Prime keeps going into sleep mode for no reason with battery saver on. Very irritating.

  • Hi,

    I personnally prefered the former multi-select button shape, instead of "manage" which lakes translation. Although the new button position is better.

    Please find a better naming than "manage".

    About capsules management, the naming of "manage" button is now confusing.

    About inventory items, once clicking on an item, we would like to be able to wipe right or left and go to sibling items that are partially dispayed. It is currently frustrating and confusing not to be able to do so.

    Then, when clicking a second time, we go to a dummy screen which has no added value, nor information, with less possible actions, especially for capsules. You should just remove this last screen.

    Best regards

  • I really like the more futuristic look of the inventory screen. One thing that might need to be implemented is a toggle for the new button animations. I can see those causing problems for some people.


  • Please add portal editing, somebody the photos near me are terribly boring and I want to make cooler portals.

  • RyantRyant ✭✭

    Finally got to play around with this update, few things I like:

    Text like names to me are more clear.

    Portal key view has more info, like knowing the mods!

    Quicker load time on boot and that loading lines are a nice touch.

    I havn’t had a crash or anything yet.

    Iphone XR

  • @NianticCasey An option that should exist in the portal key screen, besides the option to select by distance or by name, would be by the level of the portal, being easier to find the portals of high level to recharge.

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