Error 403 (Forbidden) when loading some full-size images

When loading the full-size image on some submissions, I cannot load the photo and instead get an Error 403 (Forbidden) from Google. Is this a known issue and are there any workarounds?

Trying a different browser and loading the URL with https instead of http do not solve the issue.

Example URL (I can't post URLs here yet, so you will have to reconstruct the URL):

(http) lh3 (dot) googleusercontent (dot) com (slash) UONX9Fx2tPnXQ6qhWOFzcRxwdZ-q7WPvSQxnBSnwPL39QMt4uBpGPALHmkjVVuqsdIKB9TS5gXzWLhPpuGiTvxbD1jgM=s0



  • FuzzySunFuzzySun ✭✭✭

    Quoting Senmana from another thread ("Permission issue when trying to view full image in OPR"):

    "This is a common thing with Prime Photos it seems. If you click on the URL bar you should be able to edit it, and you'll see the image address ends in s=0. Change this to s=1600 and you should be able to view the full image."

    Works for me.

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