List of earned badge ticks

For tiered badges like Mission Day, First Saturday, NL-1331, and even things like Intel Ops, where there can be a long lag between when the tick is earned and when it is awarded, it is frustrating to not be able to easily check whether a badge tick for a specific city has been awarded or not. (I've had as many as four Mission Day ticks pending at the same time, I think. Definitely three.)

In addition, it would be a cool enhancement to the "travel souvenir" value of these badges to be able to see a list of which cities they had been earned in.

So, a specific tangible request:

I would like to be able to tap on a tiered event or anomaly badge and see a list of the cities where the agent has been awarded credit. (For myself or for other players with open stats.)

(Yes, a lot of things are more important, notably revamping the graphic design so the game is playable in sunlight. But this would be a cool thing to have, and would make life easier for event POCs.)

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