Remove portal appeal

  • Category: Invalid Portal Report
  • Title of the Portal: Baxter Foundry Boise Idaho Marker
  • Location:,-116.181951&z=19&pll=43.595848,-116.181951
  • City: Boise Idaho
  • Country: United States
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email
  • Photos to support your claim:


This portal is a cap for a vent pipe in the street. There are literally thousands of these around including some just a few feet away. It has no historical value. Pedestrian access is sketchy as its in the middle of a entrance to a doctor's office on a street.

This is my first appeal on this platform, let me know if something is wrong with formatting as I am a novice to this forum.


  • Will this get a decision?

  • VaneLilyVaneLily ✭✭

    The candidate is in the middle of an intersection. is not a valid candidate as he is a manhole.


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