Mission/banner suggestion

While I fight with the text box(it seems to Be lagging And randomly capitalizing things), I wanted to suggest making some mission requirements that are currently expected to be in the comment section, drop down menu selections. For example: mission difficulty, number of portals, and type of mission(city tour, challenge, specific type of POI, scavenger hunt). I think that IT had been mentioned at some point that the description character limiT would stay the same so I thought it might help to have most of it be for mission descriptioN and less for standard exPEctatioNS which I think would make missions more unique AND more interesting as well AS make life easier for the missiON reviewers


  • Not a bad idea. However as I hate to admit, some people make terrible missions on purpose to troll the community. Doing this would give the trolls the opportunity to lie even more. Additionally, when agents downvote a particular mission just because it's creator doesn't belong to their further makes it difficult to tell if it is actually bad or not. The Ingress mosaik website is more suited to that purpose at least for murals

  • Losifer026Losifer026 ✭✭✭

    Perhaps, but if we design everything to be troll proof the trolls will just come up with new and different ways to troll, and eventually it would be stripped down to nothing and go the way of the guardian. May as well go with a design that’s user friendly and cater to the people that enjoy making and doing banners. Mosaik is a great tool and we should use that as well, but if you’re trying to make banners, it’s obvious that the system could use some little tweaks that would make it easier and improve quality.

  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe that a good way to prevent trolling could be porting some concepts from https://ingressmosaik.com/

    For example, each banner has an EEF value which indicates how close are portals to each other.

    About difficulty level, perhaps that can be just set by Niantic upon review. I'm thinking of 2 categories: standard (mission number question and other easy to answer questions) and puzzle (questions with no obvious answer).

  • How's this as a counter proposition. Change the like dislike system and let the people who complete the mission enter the parameters you mention. Also not quite troll proof but I think this method is a bit more equitable.

    Besides there were missions I created that were sometime harder and sometimes easier than I expected them to be.

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