Cell/Mobile Data Usage

Summary of issue: Excessive data usage

Device: iPhone X

OS: iOS 12.3.1

App Version (Settings > Scroll to the bottom): 2.26.2-3dc37281

I've been since the end of May. Since that time, Ingress has used 10.5GB of cell data. That seems a bit excessive. Any sort of setting or design change that could reduce this utilization would be appreciated.


  • USt0neUSt0ne ✭✭

    I would love a setting that enables all portal pictures only be loaded when connected by wifi.

    And if you're out in the fields and only connected via cellular then those portal-images won`t be shown.

    And if this setting is disabled all functions are as they are now.

    Would be great and could be named "cell saver" or "cellular saver" or "bandwith saver"

    Thanks for this great game!

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭

    More simply I'd like a low bandwidth setting I can turn on. Connected by wifi might be cheap free data or might be connected to satellite modem or hotspot...

    Or might be a whisper of signal that I want to use to deploy that portal rather than download 17 portal pictures.

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