Second Sunday March 2024

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On this the 3rd Second Sunday of 2024 the timings aligned with UK Mothers Day making it easy for some agents to explore and do banners while making it more of a challenge for others. Agents in the Second Sunday TG group shared their experiences of places visited, missions completed and food consumed.

43 members of the group (23 RES, 20 ENL) also uploaded stats to the optional competition bot, walking 437km (256 RES 181 ENL) earning 13.5 million AP (RES 9M ENL 4.5M) and recharging 29.4 million XM (12.4m RES and 17m ENL).

As Second Sunday is about getting out, doing missions and discovering new places we had an amazing 408 missions completed (244 RES 164 ENL), 1,453 Unique portals captured (974 RES 479 ENL) and as Machina is a good indicator of places with little play, agents neutralised 963 machina portals (806 RES 157 ENL), destroyed 7,896 machina resonators (6,627 RES 1,269ENL) and reclaimed 779 portals (621 RES 158 ENL).

🎖️This month some lucky agents got a Second Sunday medal upgrade:

Platinum (24 events)






Gold (12 events)



Silver (6 events)


🍰🥤Food and Drink Consumed:

There was a lot of coffee, chocolate, cake and beer consumed to fuel the agents this month, with a good sprinkling of mothers day entries.

Noteworthy entries were:

🥇Top prizes for most interesting food stuffs:

Karlosici - 1 meatloaf in a bun

Penumbruh - 2 pastelitos

MonsterFishtank - 1 spicy chai latte and 1 leek and bacon scone.

✏️Concerns and Comments:

Poor kupuguy, submitted one lone malteser, buy that agent a whole packet next time!!

Wendex went the whole hog with a full roast and plenty to wash it down, someone was enjoying themselves and we hope that this was consumed post bannering as that lot would induce a nice afternoon nap for me.

bluesfemme had a Frozen raspberry coke which sounds refreshing after a long trek!

SpannerDaniel - 1 mother's day box of chocolates purchased for my mum. - We are concerned that your Mum didn't get her chocolates, if she didn’t you must do better next year!

rleonel consumed 1331 smurf tears! - Now now XFAC etiquette, maybe it was the 69 Coffees and 420 Chocolates that led you to this xfac faux pas.

We hope to see all the regulars again and hopefully some new faces in April for the 4th 2024 Second Sunday event.

Your Second Sunday Events Team

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