Operation En-Crypt-In

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Exotic Matter has started raining chaos again. This time we face the anomaly under a fresh new name: Cryptic Memories.

14th of February, Valentine’s Day. Agents across the globe are enjoying precious moments with their loved ones when their mobile devices chime with the notification: Niantic has announced the fresh crop of cells for the acclaimed Cell Battle.

All eyes across India fixate on one name. AS14-FOXTROT-06 - New Delhi, India. The cell where the bloodiest of battles have been fought in the history of Enlightened India.

It’s time to move.

Within 24 hours, the team was assembled. Within 3 days, the plans are chalked up. Within 5 days, the agents are assigned their tasks, and on the 7th day, in an almost prophetic manner, the cell is marred with layers upon layers of green.

Needless to say, the cell was won 15:0 in favour.

That’s the TL;DR version, and here are the quick stats for the one in rush.

  1. MU captured: ~13 billion MU. (~91 billion raw MU at the end of septicycle)
  2. Layers formed: 140
  3. Agents involved: 14

Blocker Clearing: @Banwave1 @CommandoRana @iAsclepius @Ritikpandey @Inderjeet18 @AmitInAgra

Links & Fields: @AmitInAgra @IIAYUSHII @Banwave1 @CommandoRana @Daishinka @dvndr @hulkdestroyer2 @iAsclepius @Kali1996 @nukul286 @Ritikpandey @SSJGodKioken

Intel: @gopir1594

Planning: @CommandoRana


But a TL;DR doesn’t cover it, right ? As the writer of this sitrep always says, “The Devil, the God of Ingress, is in the details after all.”

We received information that AS14-FOXTROT-06 - New Delhi, India has been chosen just 7 days shy of the start of Septicycle. To receive the anomaly badge, the minimum requirement was set at being within the top 50 of the faction. The better alternative to win would have been to build a couple of last-minute fields and declare victory. But taking long, almost nonsensical, borderline insane strides has become second nature to Enlightened India by this point.

After a long sleepless night of caffeinated eyes stuck at the Intel screen, our planner-in-chief, @CommandoRana and multi-year experienced operator @gopir1594 declared their lunacy on the group by envisioning not just creating fields but keeping them alive for all the 35 checkpoints of the Septicycle in a cell where more than 40 Resistance agents remain active.

The Blockers

As any agent involved in OPs for a considerable amount of time would know, the most painful part of execution starts with clearing blockers in the most stealthy manner possible.

The major links extending over hundreds of kilometers from the Resistance strongholds of Gurugram, Jaipur, and Jodhpur were taken down by @ritikpandey, @banwave1, and @nukul286 respectively. Blockers in Mathura and Govardhan were taken down by @IIAYUSHII, and some small ones in Agra were taken down by @AmitInAgra and @iAsclepius.

While Machina has proven to be a valuable source of inventory for players, especially in rural settings, it has also emerged as a pestilence for OPs. Thus, a massive-scale clearing of Machina was undertaken in Chandigarh by @CommandoRana and in Agra by @AmitInAgra, @iAsclepius, and @7H3M0NK. Hanumangarh was cleared by @dvdnr, and Nagaur was cleared by @ritikpandey.

@CommandoRana also tried to take down Fatehgarh Sahib portals but couldn't because of the internet ban in that area due to the ongoing Farmers Protest, thus rendering his lengthy travels futile. This was a limiting factor for the entire operation.

The Fields

The date of execution was fixed for us by Niantic, February 22, 2024, since this was the start of the new Septicycle. This also meant that Resistance agents were also very aware of our movement across the cities. Fortunately, our agents, having participated in multiple OPs by now, have grown accustomed to maintaining stealth while travelling.

The OP was divided into six phases for smooth execution. To coordinate the agents, the services of operator @gopir1594 were called in, who brought his years of experience to the table.

The very first phase demanded that our agents reach their destined portals at 5:45 AM. The fields had to be laid at 6 a.m. sharp. Any stray link at this stage could potentially ruin the whole OP. With utmost precision, @banwave1 and @Kali1996 laid the first fields from Jaipur between Jaipur-Agra-Chandigarh, capturing 49,022,664 MU each.

This was followed by fields by agents @dvndr and @nukul286 between Hanumangarh-Agra-Chandigarh, each capturing 77,424,048 MU and 77,424,048 MU, respectively. To conclude phase one, Agent @Daishinka then created 13 layers, capturing 395,782,458 MU between Bidasar-Agra-Chandigarh.

Phase 2 starting at 6:30 AM saw 7 layers being added between Nagaur-Agra-Chandigarh by agent, @ritikpandey capturing a whopping 232,817,564 MU.

Phase 3 started at 10 a.m. Three agents, @AmitInAgra, @IIAYUSHII, @iAsclepius and @7H3M0NK created a total of 22 layers, with each field measuring ~62 million MU between Agra-Chandigarh-Sur(Oman) thus colouring this OP an international flavour. Each of them captured 123 Mill MU,1,293,853,096 MU, 182,869,873 MU and 185,190,192 MU respectively. The MU count for @AmitInAgra could not be determined due to the agent's involvement in another OP leading to overlapping numbers.

Phase 4 had to be halted because agent @hulkdestroyer2 had to take a rainy day, but he did manage to add 1 layer measuring 39,895,411 MU between Aligarh-Prayagraj-Chandigarh.

Phase 5 saw 12 layers being added by @IIAYUSHII between Agra-Prayagraj-Chandigarh capturing 1,293,853,096 MU.

Agents @CommandoRana and @SSJGodKioken kicked in the last leg of the plan, tying this symphony of MU gain together with a whooping 81 layers between Prayagraj-Chandigarh-Sur(Oman). @CommandoRana made 77 fields, adding a massive 11.282 billion MU to the Enlightened score. @SSJGodKioken, with the last 4 layers, added another 567,999,882 MU.

But capturing MU wasn’t enough. To win the cell battle 15:0, the score of the opposing faction also needed to go down. This is where agent @Indrajeet18 took on the task of clearing all major Resistance fields within Delhi, driving all day long from the city’s one end to the other.

After a tiring day stretching over 12.5 hours, our agents celebrated their hard work. A total of 140 fields had been created, capturing 13 billion MU, which translated to 94,290,076,544 of raw MU across 35 CPs, while the raw MU of resistance stood at 25,962,126 MU.

But the task wasn’t over. The septicycle had just begun. To win the Cell Battle the fields needed to cross the end of the septicycle, 175 hours away. Our agents kept a close eye on Intel for a week to make sure no pesky Resistance act went unnoticed. An innumerable amount of Hypercubes have been gobbled up to keep the fields standing during the entire length of the septicycle.

On February 29th, at 12:30 PM IST, the cell battle was won 15:0 in favour of Enlightened.

The Aftermath

Operation En-Crypt-In successfully ‘enclosed’ the designated cell AS14-FOXTROT-06 - New Delhi, India, in a 140-layer blanket of green.

At the time of writing this SitRep, 121 of the initial 140 fields commanding 2.7 billion MU in the designated cell still stand strong as a symbol of Enlightened India’s commitment to the global Enlightened community. Unfortunately, we lost some fields for CP 30 due to Niantic’s removal of an anchor portal in Prayagraj.

No Resistance activity to knock down the fields has been spotted and as of writing this SitRep we are into the 18th checkpoint of the next Septicycle and the fields keep scoring for us.

We wish the community all the very best in the current and upcoming anomalies.

Till next time. Cheers!

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