February 2024 Second Sunday

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Agents from around the world in the Second Sunday TG group shared their experiences and photographs of places visited, missions completed, medals achieved and fun food consumed. This month for our fun food stat we had a suggested theme of Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) and Valentine’s Day.

51 members of the group (27 RES, 24 ENL) also joined the optional competition, walking an amazing 563 km (318 RES 245 ENL) completing 588 missions (RES 320 ENL 268) earning 18.2 million AP (RES 12.3M ENL 5.9M) and recharging 28.8 million XM (17M RES and 11.8M ENL). There was a noticeable increase in activity this month.

Agents captured 3,831 portals (2,175 RES 1,656 ENL), destroyed 19,532 resonators (RES 10,865 ENL 8,667) created 1,545 control fields (1,299 RES 246 ENL) and 2,854 links (2,278 RES 576 ENL).

Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, visiting 2,163 unique portals (RES 878 ENL 1,285). Big congrats to the agent who attained their 150,000th unique portal visited (Onyx Explorer x5) during Second Sunday!

There was some speculation whether the format of future Second Sundays might change, perhaps utilising the new bounties feature. In the meantime, we look forward to March Second Sunday.

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