Recharge bounty not given

One if my bounty tasks for today involves recharging. I have remote recharged portals and there is no advancing towards the bounty, and I have recharged more than is needed to get the bounty but I didn't get the bounty.

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  • Sometimes there is a slight delay in Bounties updating.

    Have you:

    1) click RESYNC?

    2) restarted your Scanner?

    Is it still showing incomplete for you?

  • I followed these steps today plus reinstalled Ingress Prime. Not even one of bounties has advanced from zero.

    Previous days normally

  • I’ve had the same issue today, although with ALL tasks - nothing changed after I completed them.

    Resyncing, restarting and reinstalling the app didn’t work.

  • Me, too. No tasks are being recorded. I have restarted phone and game several times. Nothing!

  • I am using a Pixel 8 pro. Ingress 2.134.1

    Still unable to do research bounties.


    Restart app

    Restart phone

    Still nothing.

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