8 (EIGHT!) popups each time I open the game

1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

Each time I open the game, I get 8 popups, one for each news item, like this one:

So I have to tap "Close" EIGHT TIMES before I can interact with the game; or I have to "view post" and then back gesture.

Expected behavior:

There is a way to stop these annoying popups. Tapping any button on the popup should hide the popup forever.

Samsung S23 Ultra

Ingress 2.134.1-c6bf97a2

Android 14

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Working On A Fix · Last Updated

After investigating, the issue has been identified and teams are working on a fix. Until a fix is in place, Agents experiencing this issue can work around it by setting their phone to English, logging into the Scanner, and closing/dismissing the popups. Then change their phone back to their preferred language and the current/dismissed ones should no longer appear.


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