Game hang if attempting a game action at the same time a popup appears.

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Previous and current version(2.134.1) of application. Android 10, 6g ram. 8core proc.

Most recent occurrence tapping on a portal at the same time the game tries to show announcement about 3 years of core.

It tried to show the pop even though I had not recently restarted the app.

What happens: The screen freezes. Hitting home and all other applications responding fine. Return to game and the frozen screen is still present.

To get back into game, force stop application. On restart popup "3 years of core" occurs, and play continues normally. It also happened when I got the first and second tier medals for "cryptic memories" on the last version of the application.

I forgot to add one of the times that I had this happen I was able to drive about 15 miles at 30 mph without any change to the screen before I manually reset it. Once it happened it's a hard Lock but only fo ingress. Since I don't know when a pop-up is going to happen I can't set debugging on for the application.

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  • Here at 21:00 EST I'm boost charging a portal and it froze. On force stop and reboot I get this:

    You can see the boost completed(available xm changed), even though the application hung with boost effect still on the screen. I have most background apps terminated.

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