Custom ROM

Guys, can I ask something, will a Custom ROM trigger a ban for an Ingress player?

I'm planning to install a Custom Rom to my phone but im hesitating because someone said rooting can trigger a Ban.

Btw im installing a ROM without rooting my phone. Thanks for future answers


  • If you dont do sketchy things with your new custom ROM there shouldn't be a problem. And root should also not get you banned. I am using both since forever with redacted and prime and there are no issues.

  • GaijinHellGaijinHell ✭✭✭

    Ingress Prime doesn't run on rooted phones. As long as you don't root your phone, any rom works fine. I've been runnung Ingress on Cyanogen Mod and later Prime on Lineage Os for the past five years and never had any Issues because I always installed without root.

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