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Hi, first i know this thread maybe will useless and nothing will happen,but i just want to you to know this (sorry for my bad English)

First, most agent in area know who is this account,spoofer + multi accounts

On 1 March 2022 this account was temporary terminated then back to the game

On around 21 February 2023 this account comm have permanently suspended because harassing/threatening other agents in comm

On 29 September 2023 this account was banned again

On around 1 November 2023 this account back again in game with full comm privilege restored!

On 10 December 2023 this account was banned again!

Then on o February 2024 this account back to alive again!!

Even in CTRL anomaly he bring his childrens to play with his other accounts, one of them is banned

I mean what happened to Niantic?

Wasting time for reporting then at last the account back to game 😂

Based on https://niantic.helpshift.com/hc/en/3-ingress/faq/521-three-strike-discipline-policy-1566316634/ after suspension and keep cheating the account should terminated!

I will show attachment of email from suspension account (not my email)

That say "Please ensure that you abide by the aforementioned terms upon recovering your account, or it will be permanently terminated"

And after 3 punishment banned this account can still come back? This is joke?

If it's appeal how Niantic accept trash account like this? That break Niantic TOS 3x times

We have resistance agent that banned because using vpn, and i see same happen to some agents here! My friend appealed and rejected! This is too funny to understand

Is it his account immortal? Or there someone behind it?

This is not the only one account that keep alive, there's another 😂

Thanks for hearing

@NianticBrian @NianticThia

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  • Spill the id

  • Looks familiar

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    Don't want to be that person but could that account have received 4 second strikes but not a first strike so third strike won't apply as they have never received a first strike. Semantics I'm sure but isn't lawyer speak lovely 🙂

    I don't know how the ingress team applies the bans but on wayfarer they are open to saying it's not a scale a person can go straight to level 3, which disproves my point above, so I don't know

    What I do know however is based on past form this thread will be closed down very shortly

    But ILordSkywalkerI it must be a very frustrating situation for you and your community to deal with and the perceived (or actually) inaction by Niantic doesn't help.

  • on 11 Feb,after opening ticket this account has been banned again

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