Niantic Facilitates Weaponised Reporting

It has become clear that some players are making use of the reporting system to “try it on” and see if they can get players they don’t like playing the game banned (or warned).

I’m all for having a reporting system but Niantic should not be just falling for eloquent arguments or pack reporting. There should be substance and evidence that is adequately reviewed before actions are taken like warnings or bans. Some things are obvious of course like clear comms abuse or where real evidence or incriminating logs exist.

Also the lack of ability to effectively respond or interact with Niantic is shameful when there’s a claim made where evidence could be provided without compromising the identity of the reporter. For e.g. repudiation of a spoofing claim, or where reasonable portal submissions are flagged as abuse by others because the location of the submission effectively identifies the submitter.

Niantic is facilitating players weaponising the reporting system to dispense with legitimate, fair and well-behaved (but challenging in game play) opponents.

This is victimising innocent players and creating bad will towards Ingress and Niantic and between communities.

@NianticThia I hope you will bring this up with the relevant parties to help create a fairer process with improved burden of proof and not just having a “talk to the hand, you’re banned” approach.

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