A cooldown has been activated.

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Is this new? I got to L12 two months ago and ever since I’ve been doing 200-300 reviews a day, always being in great status, with about 70% of agreements and with 94 upgrades earned so far.

Today, after about 20-30 reviews, I got this message and I am now locked out from OPR for 24 hours.


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    The only thing i noticed that squashed the cool downs is filling out the what is it section and not rubberstampinng the same stars on a church etc everytime you get one for voting.

  • Good night! I don't understand why I'm getting a freeze alert on my account on the recon site. Today just accessing the account, without analyzing a single portal, my account was frozen. I contacted the support and everything that tells me there must be something anomalous in my assessments, to detect something anomalous I have to at least evaluate something, which is not happening.

  • Like kholman1 above, I found that if I just 5 starred all the easy/no-brainer ones like churches that were visible on Google maps that I would be eventually slapped with this. If you just make one of the ratings 4 stars instead of 5 it does not seem to happen

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    I've seen that to. It's lame. I also will change the ratings on the "visually unique" depending on what the church looks like. I think a little variance will help avoid the cool down.

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    Even with categorizing I have gotten a cooldown once with it. The main thing is probably a variance of ratings. For example, I rate a playground 3 stars for unique generally unless if it has a certain a certain theme then I change that rating to 4 stars, if the picture isn't great I knock it down to 2 stars for the visual component. Small variances for each candidate is important and using the image as the frame of reference for at least the unique component is a good reference. I tend to vote culturally dependent on the description, sure there is plenty of stuff that's easy 5 stars for cultural but if you have an iffy candidate, a good description for a cultural reference can bump that rating up to a 5 stars for that category (including even artwork).

  • To avoid this you need variety in your ratings, not just 1 or 5 star. Try giving a 4 to something good or 2 to something bad occasionally.

    Oh and when rejecting a portal, always write why it doesn't meet criteria. If you don't it can also trigger 24hr cooldown.

  • I have the same problem. The system is operating erratically.

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    I just got off a 24 hour cool down, I do ONE vote and I get hit with ANOTHER 24 hour cool down!! This drives me nuts. Just stick with the bot checking, identify all the cars or street lights or something. Going to try using this on Firefox when my cool down is over... again.

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    I do a lot of reviewing on my phone as I can fit in a few here and there on breaks or while traveling etc. I have received this cool down a couple of times but I'm nearly sure the reason I get it is because if I have just done a review, them hit "Analyse Next" but then have to leave the review (break over/journey ends) the last review doesn't get done, screen turned off then on again (say 20 minutes later to check the time or a notification) and OPR page is reopened and refreshes with a new candidate, phone screen goes off again. This can happen several times over the course of the day. Result= 24 hour cool down for incomplete reviews. Not very fair or wise in the situation we are in in my location. We have very few reviewers in our area and the number is getting fewer as these sort of restrictions are driving agents to quite OPR.

  • I have this problem too.. When is possible vote after 1 portal I blocked :/

  • I switched over to Firefrox from Chrome after getting back to back cool downs and, and turned off add block for it (since no adds anyway) and I haven't had any problems since. Although I have cut back a lot on reviewing because the excitement of it is pretty much gone after going 48 hours without being able to review.

  • I got 6 of these 24-hour cooldowns so far and it worries me. Can it possibly end up in a longer ban from OPR?

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