Unintended Change of Ingress Damage Report Mail Address

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Since February, Ingress Damage Report Mail has been sent to an email address that is not my Ingress account.

Is this an intended change?

I never provided that new email address to Niantic.

Event announcement emails like First Saturday and 2S are still sent to my Ingress account email address without change.

Someone on X complained of a similar unintended email address change.

I would like the Ingress Damage Report Mail to again be sent to the email address I use on my Ingres account.

Thanks for your help.


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  • I've had the same issue starting 31/01/24

  • I have the same problem.

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    I have the same issue they are sending portal attack notifications to my other email and i am unsure how to change that. any ideas yet ? True I dont belive i have provided ingress with this other email only gmail.

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    I have a feeling this is a policy privacy violation because the account associated with the account had no way or no access of the other email account information other than other google products so how can it automatically switch over ? I am a little frustrated over this because i have saved like every ingress email into a nice database of portal attacks and notifications and this has really dampened my little experiment. is there no way to revert or change the email back to the original ?

  • I have also experiencing this issue since the Ingress Damage Report Mail has been starting send to my email at 4th Feb., which I've already unchecked the sending mail option and unlinked the account for couple of years. To examinate the unlink, in case of any glitch to the system, I link the account again and the system keeps sending the mail even the check button stays unchecked.

    This is kinda annoying and abusing my eamil account, the current only workaround is report mails nianticlabs.com as spam so it doesn't bother me. It has been over 1,200 mails since 4th Feb....

  • I have confirmed that damage report mail have been sent to my Ingress account again since the 28th.

    Thank you to everyone who has responded.

    How about everyone else?

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