Inconsistent haptic feedback when glyph hacking across different devices

I recently played Ingress on three different devices, two of which were the same model. Those two were both 2018 Nokia 6.1 running Android 10, and the new one is a BLU G93 running Android 13.

On one of the Nokia's, glpyh hacking would give me the nice solid experience I like, on the other, it was much weaker. And on the G93, almost non-existent. I can barely feel it when paying close attention.

I've checked various setting across all three devices, both game and OS wise, and could find no obvious differences in them.

Other actions in the game have gave decent feedback on the G93 (navigation buttons and the like). Just feels like only glyph hacking is not working as I want.

Unfortunately I had to hand off the non-working Nokia, so I can no longer do really nice A/B testing against identical devices, but maybe I could get it back for a while if needed.

I've seen some historical posts about haptic feedback issues, but nothing particularly recent. Have most folks just adapted, or figured out "Why, yes! You just need to do X..." type solutions they could share?




  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have a feeling I've mentioned it before. It stopped working for me when I started beta testing Android...12? That's when I noticed the haptics not working and then see people reporting it when A12 launched.

    I get it because the haptic feedback helped you acknowledge touching a node on the calibration grid.

    @NianticBrian, developer stuff I found:

    HapticGenerator API was added in Android 12, maybe something to work with that?

    I also noticed this page with haptics APIs altogether.

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