Cosmetic bug when charging single resonators

I've seen this on two devices and reproducible.

Bring up a key that needs recharging.

Select a specific reso that needs charging. Both the charging progress bar and the reso graphic get focus rings (this is easiest to see on one of the southern resos as less clutter in the UI). Also charging buttons change names from "Charge All" and "Boost Charge All" to "Charge" and "Boost Charge".

Press the [+] button at the curved XM bar to bring up the power cube carousel.

Dismiss the power cubes (do not need to use one).

The reso specific progress bar no long has a focus ring, but the reso graphic does. Also, the charging buttons are still display the "Charge" and "Boost Charge" variations, and act like that. Just the visual feedback that a single reso is selected is lost.

Selecting the reso again removes the focus ring on the reso graph and change the button names back to the "All" variations.

So, while purely cosmetic, this has caused me problems. Right now I'm purposefully trying to have some resos decay so that I can replace them (can't afford to do all the ones I want to charge, so going to replace them with lower resos). But, when I reload with a power cube, I notice the reso is "not selected", select it, then hit "Boost Charge All" and end p charging all of the resos, not the single one I wanted to.

It took me a few times of doing thing to realize what had happened, so now I try to be more careful, but, still annoying.

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