Local agent has been banned twice for harassing and is active again

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A local agent has been activated again after been banned two times. Banned due harassing people. Meaning following people at close range: 1 meter, a bit more than a yard. Even keep following when not playing or when the phone is put away. Length could be a couple of streets. Has doing this practice for over nine years. The first ban was last November and lasted two hours only. The second ban lasted 7 days.

Your opion below please.


  • Even worse is, that the guy is clearly guilty of multi account cheating. I was able to film him while he played during his ban phase with the account of someone else.

    the harassment is true, and he follows and stalks people over miles to doxx theire locations.

    even if people stopped playing at all, he still followed them and harassed them for over an hour.

  • Harassment should be a reason for a ban. But I guess we have to add a police report first. That worked in another case. This one Amsterdam RES agent acts berserk when it comes to ENL agents passing by. Threw a bucket full of water over my car the first time I entered his neighbourhood unknowingly, the Jordaan. The second time he followed me cursing on foot, and later he took a bike. He did not halt until I entered another part of Amsterdam (Leidseplein). Note: I left laughing. I am not that intimidated by shouting and cursing. Tourists be warned this guy acts weird. BTW I heard he is great with RES Amsterdam agents. Strange guy.

  • its Strange as well that you report clearly multi account usage and proof it with videos and screenshots, you put in the work and combine everything into one file, because you are forced and allowed to only upload 1 file. Nothing happens! What are we even paying for when the support is not acting and executes bans to enhance the whole community experience?

    strange is as well if you ask the support for guidance, you get the same response on everything.

    the support seems to be just bots!

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    Perhaps such problems exist all over the world.

    In fact, one person in the vicinity of my area is doing this, creating one Alt account after another and spamming constantly on COMM.

    Niantic immediately bans him, but nothing works because he creates a new account right after that.

    It is difficult to take action against such a madman, but can't we at least take the following measures?

    Until it is decided which camp he belongs to, he cannot speak in COMM ALL. 

    And during that time, only a limited number of characters can be spoken in the camp to which the player belongs.

    Instead of simply banning the accounts of players who spam A4 and above, shadowban them from everyone else so that spammers can post in COMM but no one can see their comments.

    In many cases, this is because the thought process of such a madman is that he is the stronger player and the other player will sabotage him.

    However, in this case, if the situation where he posts but no one responds to him continues due to shadowbanning, the madman, who is riddled with a desire for self-approval and self-expression, will not be able to trigger this thought process.

    Eventually, he will realize this and create a new account, but if he cannot speak with COMM ALL between A1 and A3, which was the first time, his need for approval and display will be halved, and during that time, he can minimize the damage by reporting it by other players in the same camp.

  • Well in your case if it is via Comm you can ban the agent from communicating with you by blocking the agent. But if something happens in the street it is another matter. And yes of course it is a world wide problem. Anyone can install Ingress. So not so nice people can too (to put it mildly)

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    The other way about. Niantic doesn't stick its arm in far enough and bodyslam his ability to play permanently.

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    I'm assuming you mean this person was comm banned twice now. You can't get banned for multiple accounts and harassing someone. You can **** and **** at people in person and never get a ban. You can play with twenty accounts and never get banned. But if you say hello to someone in comm you can get a comm ban for it.

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    Sounds like if this is harassment or the agents feels unsafe, they should contact their local authorities (ie Police), not Niantic.

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    In my area Spoofer banned twice and still come back 🤣

    Not only one

    First is suspension, second should terminated

    But after 30 days the account back 🤣

  • Its a three strike system, the third strike is a termination not the second one

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    Three strike policy for spoofing? Someone can do a lot of damage with that many tries. Especially when most of them have several accounts to work with.

  • MuusMuus ✭✭

    And RES Amsterdam allows this person? 🤣 i'd ban this player from the res community as well to make a statement. Absurd and pathetic behaviour towards people who chose a different side🤡

  • I know about what is that

    All players know this guy is king accounts, banned several times before, create backpack accounts for his children, firstly this account was suspicious for 30 days, after back this account comm was permanently banned due harassing other, then this account was banned for second times, after 30 days this account back to the game with full comm restored,and they talking about appealed etc, after wasting so much time to report again,this account was permanently banned then create other account as well

    So nice

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