2sday double AP for portal scan uploads is based on UTC instead of local time

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Currently, most actions give double AP on Tuesday between local time 4pm to 9pm. However, portal scan uploads appear to give double AP based solely on UTC instead.

I play in the GMT+8 time zone and I receive 1000AP for a scan upload when uploading after 12am on Wednesday, which corresponds to 4pm UTC on Tuesday. I receive only the base 500AP when uploading scans between 4pm to 9pm local time.

EDIT: Pretty sure this is a server issue but I'll provide device details just in case.

Phone model: Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Android version: 12 SKQ1.211019.001 / MIUI Global 14.0.2

Ingress version: 2.132.1-bc733046

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