December 2023 Second Sunday

On the last Second Sunday of the year agents in the Second Sunday TG group shared their experiences of places visited, missions completed and festive food consumed. 

43 members of the group (24 RES, 19 ENL) also uploaded stats to the optional competition, walking 414 km (238 RES 176 ENL) completing 325 missions (RES 197 ENL 128) earning 11.4 million AP (RES 6.6M ENL 4.8M) and recharging 28.2 million XM (14.4m RES and 13.8m ENL).

Agents earned 12,011 Operation Chronos points (7,068 RES 4,943 ENL) including 2,698 overclock hack points (RES 1,492 ENL 1,206), 3061 portals captured (1,637 RES 1,424 ENL) and an amazing 3,554 mods deployed (RES 2,447 ENL 1,107).

Agents explored new places for Second Sunday, visiting 538 unique portals (RES 249 ENL 289). The wet and windy weather in some areas hampered exploration this month. 453 Machina portals were reclaimed (RES 306 ENL 147), 484 Machina portals destroyed (RES 354 ENL 130), 3,938 Machina resonators destroyed (RES 2,874 ENL 1,064) and 488 Machina links destroyed (RES 331 ENL 157).

We look forward to Second Sunday in 2024, with January being the first opportunity to earn the Platinum Second Sunday badge, marking 24 months of Second Sundays.

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