Uploaded Scan - Scout Controller Credit went to someone else

  • Description of the Issue : A few minutes ago , around 8:00 PM UTC+0, I uploaded a portal scan and the scout controller credit went to another agent. The portal in question is called 'Galeto - Lojas com História', it used to be scout controlled by agent @PTavares76 with 2 scans before my upload. I made sure 30 days had passed and just moments ago, after uploading the scan, the scout controller credit went to agent @Hulk32. The scout controller filter appeared on the portal in my scanner after my upload but my stat did not increase and I did not receive any notification. On another note, the portal in question has recently become volatile.

  • Device/OS : Samsung Galaxy A50 / Android 11
  • App Version : Ingress Prime 2.130.1
  • Internet connection: Wi-Fi
  • Intel Map Link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=38.735474,-9.145393&z=18&pll=38.73572,-9.144987

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Intended - Not a Bug · Last Updated


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