July NL1331 European Tour: Are you going?

edited July 6 in NL-1331

Who will I see along the road to Kaunas, Lithuania? I think we are stopping in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Belgium. Any local specialties I should force recommend Ethan eat? I've had Handkäse mit Musik in Germany once. Wasn't as musical as promised, which disappointed me but not my travel companions.

July 9: Köln, DE

July 11: Utrecht, NL

July 13: Liège (MD+) , BE

July 15: Darmstadt, DE

July 17: Munich, DE

July 19: Pilsen, CZ

July 21: Prague, CZ (MD+) 

July 23: Krakow, PL

July 25: Warsaw, PL

July 26-28: Kaunas, LT


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