Haven't got the Paragon Medal

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Hi. I haven't got the Paragon medal. Help me please.


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    Looking at your profile and seeing that your last medal was the Year 10 medal as well as you having no action taken the last month (monthly stat all at zero), it doesn't seem like you were active last year. To receive the Paragon medal, you were required to gain at least 1AP since the last year medal was given out. Are you sure that you got at least that 1AP in the last year?

  • Absolutely! I used 1 AP passcode twice this year

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    Hmm, Niantic might not take the AP from the passcodes into account for the automatic push.

    Try opening a support ticket at ingress.com/support, individual account problems often take a while if they're only posted on the forum (if they're even acted on at all here). Argue that you did get 2AP through the passcodes and that you therefore meet the requirements for the badge.

  • Thank you

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