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There is a player in italy who names [REDACTED]

He cheat for sure with some sort of fake gps. He take portal in all nation and it's impossibile coz he's not on the place.

He is lvl 1 and is sospicious. How can i report him or ask for ban?

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    @brian40 Head over to, click on the speech bubble in the bottom right and choose Report Abuse -> Cheating. There you can enter all the information you have. Alternatively, you can also do this through the app via the settings, scroll down to "Help Center", tap "Go" and tap on the message bubble at the top right. The support is the only place to report other players, Niantic can not take action on reports posted on the forum or elsewhere.

    Do not call out a player by their name. That in itself is against the rules of both the game and this forum and can get you warned. I'd edit out their name out of your post before a moderator comes along and does it for you together with a potential warn.

    EDIT: Unless I am stupid and you actually mean the red portals which all belong to "Machina". In that case, it is not a cheater but an intended mechanic, a bot from the developers. Machina automatically spawn at some portals and starts to spread from there. If you see red portals, attack them and gain some sweet points and items!

  • Thanks for the report, @brian40! However, we are unable to review such reports here. Please reach out via in-app support. One of our agents will take a look.

    That said, I'm closing this thread for future comments.

    Appreciate your understanding!

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