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I've found a lot of very old reports about ghost links/fields, but all of them are from before 2020.

Today I cleared and then captured a portal that had links, and 3 of the links (and one field) stayed as ghosts (notice that the portal is blue and only has two resonators):

In the activity log there's no reference to these links. I think all the links the portal had were kept as ghosts.

These ghosts ARE preventing links crossing them, so it's not just a visual matter.

The portal is in -23.621165,-46.68402.

Any suggestions?

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  • Thanks for the heads up, and importantly for including the lat lon. This should now be fixed, thanks:,-46.684449&z=18&pll=-23.621165,-46.68402

  • Thanks, @NianticBrian. It was fixed indeed, but will there be any investigation on the root case?

    In the end I spent quite a lot of resources to clear this area, and this bug kept me from making my links before someone else from the other faction rebuilt their links.

    Not very keen on clearing a lot of portals and face the same bug again.

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    Similar issue. This evening I used a Jarvis to neutralize the same portal twice, an hour apart, but the links and fields off of it weren’t destroyed either time.

    For the first attempt I neutralized and recaptured the portal at 16:16. For the second attempt I neutralized the portal at 17:17 but did not recapture it. It’s now been neutral for 4+ hours, with the same blue links still coming off of it.

    As aleprj described, the ghost links prevent any new links from being thrown across them. There are also no “link destroyed” messages in comms. A second agent verified that he can also see the ghost links on the intel map.

    Portal location 33.15923565894979,-117.34921932220459

    UPDATE: At 06:05 the next morning the ghost links were gone. The only action taken on the portal during that time was voting a new portal photo into use. Insufficient data to say whether changing the portal photo had any effect, or if the issue cleared itself in the night.

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