Goodbye scanning, goodbye CORE

PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

I was a scanning addict. I confess. Ingress was becoming stale for me after I achieved onyx pioneer and explorer, but scout controller got me back out there, visiting new and old places to scan everything. As far as I'm aware I was the first resistance player in the UK to get to onyx scout controller, and until recently I still had the highest number in the UK. There are whole towns which don't have a single Ingress scan except for mine. It was a game feature which kept me engaged with Ingress, and was a major part of how I played the game.

This summer I bought a new phone. Not a high end flagship phone, but a comfortably middle of the road phone. Soon afterwards scanning was unavailable on it, and it was only after a considerable delay that we were even told why this happened. Suddenly, one of the major factors that kept me exploring was taken away from me, with no warning and no explanation. When we finally were told about the changes to the hardware requirements my first thought was simply to quit Ingress. Instead I decided to end my CORE membership which I had maintained since the beginning, and was an advocate for in my chats.

This was quite a sad decision to make because I have always said that we players should support the continuation of the game we love and play so much. We spend far more money on things like travel and swag, so I argued we ought to be willing to give a bit to Niantic. However, the removal of a major game feature was too much for me, and I am no longer willing to give Niantic my cash.


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