Allow two phone attacking?

GureumiGureumi ✭✭
edited November 13 in General

Recently, one player from the opposing side came to attack the L8 portal.

By chance I was farming on that L8 portal, and I find that player.

There is only one person who comes to me, and there is no one around. But log has two people attacking.

He saw me and sware and don't play like that.

I took a picture of the scene and informed the same camp players that this person was using two accounts, but Niantic said they allowed this to happen.

If it had been stopped, multiple account attack accounts would have been blocked in other regions.

I've reported players several times, but I'm seeing them walking around unblocked and alive.

Sometimes, if the L8 recharging of multiple players does not destroy it well, the agent is using some method of not attacking for 20 seconds and then suddenly destroying the portal.

They used some method to destroy the high shield portal several times by player each time.

Why don't block two phone players like this?


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