Is MD Petropolis a ghost event?

There are less than 30 days until the MD of Petropolis on December 2, 2023 and despite several attempts to contact, there are still no:

Channel for details

* We don't know who organized it

* We don't know who the POCS will be

* So far, there is no one who can provide details to travelers.

* We don't even know who the enlightened player is who made the record

* The community still does not understand how the city was chosen, besides being very far from the main centers and airports.

Anyway, there are countless questions and doubts about the mysterious MD Petropolis and the mysteries that surrounded the choice.

Do we have a ghost MD?

Many players are afraid to even buy a ticket to go because there is nothing more than a Telegram channel with hidden administrators.

In other words, a ghost is posting random information about the city?

There is no support group, there is no minimal information, there is no one who says they are organizing the Petropolis MD.

Who actually made the record? Ghost players?

Should the community head to the city without the slightest attention from the organizers?

What will be done after all?

I repeat. We only have one Telegram channel that made 3 posts about interesting facts about the city, however, there is no way to speak to the administrators, we don't even know who the administrators are.

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  • Concordo plenamente com o jogador Milopai, todos nos jogadores precisamos não só de informações mais esclarecidas sobre o MD, mas também de assistência, um evento grande que movimenta todas as facções e não se tem nem os detalhes dos locais onde irá ocorrer!? Isso beira o absurdo, fora os gastos de locomoção e quem for para ficar e aproveitar a cidade!? Precisa ser revisto essa questão para termos um evento decente e digno para todos que irão e querem participar!!

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