Kinect Capsules showing different item requirements

When starting a new program, some of the item requirements are different than what the program initially shows. In my provided screenshots, the first one shows on the first screen it needs 24 L1 XMPs, but when you select to run it, it shows 24 L7 XMPs. My 2nd screenshot has the L5 on the first screen, then L7s on the 2nd. I submitted a ticket, 26530229, but haven't heard anything on it since.

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    The items that are shown in the hexagons are the minimum requirements to run the capsule. What is shown in the pop up are the items that are actually going to be used. The reason there seems to be a mismatch is because you don't seem to have lower level items so the capsule takes the next highest level items which are available, which in your case are L7 XMPs. This is to prevent a situation where you'd have to farm L1 XMPs to run the capsule, instead giving you the option to use higher level items instead.

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