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Today, the Global Resistance (Europe, Asia, Africa, LATAM, North America) achieved a historic milestone in one of the most ambitious and thrilling operations of all time: the "Blue Cities." This exclusive Resistance event had a clear goal—to create the maximum number of fields, showing the world that no matter how big or small a city is, every agent has a vital role to play.

Joining forces in Latin America (LATAM) and Africa, agents from all corners came together in an incredible display of teamwork, dedication, and passion. It was a celebration of the diversity within our faction and the unity that strengthens us.

[ 2.300.000 MUs ] Operação: Afri-Brazza. 3 large Fields and 4 small Fields Brazil + Africa. The largest Field had a 6150km link

Large cities, small cities, it didn't matter. Everyone contributed to the success of this operation. Small groups in tiny towns showcased their strength, proving that teamwork transcends borders and distances.

LATAM Resistance, Country Brazil. State, Espírito Santo. [ 638.000 MUs ]

The Resistance is a close-knit family where each agent is valued and significant. Today, we proved that we are more than just a faction; we are a global community determined to protect our Portals and resist.

Continent of Africa, 24 fields.

The achievements of the "Blue Cities" Operation inspire us all, reminding us that when we come together, we can achieve great feats. Congratulations to all agents who participated! May this unity and success continue to be an inspiration for the Global Resistance.

Operation: It's Laion, there's no way! [ MUs ] LATAM Resistance, Country Brazil . State, Ceará. 32 fields + rescue of 1 dog abandoned on the road. Anchor Portals in Africa and Portugal.

In the grand tapestry of "Blue Cities," it's clear that unity knows no bounds. As the fields went up over cities and countryside, it was a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Resistance across LATAM and Africa.

Operation: Marea Azúl !!! [ 2.924.760 MUs ] LATAM Resistance, Country Uruguay. Destruction of Fields ENL, construction of 5 Fields. Anchor portal in Brazil.

No city was too small, and no group too minor to contribute. This operation showcased that the heart of the Resistance lies within the collaborative spirit of its agents, regardless of where they hail from.

From the bustling streets of metropolises to the quiet corners of small towns, agents came together as one. The celebration of the rich tapestry of our Resistance community was not limited to a few, but rather embraced every agent, no matter their location or experience.

[ 20.400.000 MUs ] LATAM Resistance, Country Brazil . State, Rio Grande do Norte. 20 campos, fondeo en la isla de Fernando de Noronha

With "Blue Cities," we reminded ourselves that the essence of Resistance goes beyond the digital world—it's about real people, real teamwork, and real impact. The global Resistance is like a mosaic, with each agent forming a unique piece that contributes to the greater picture.

LATAM Resistance, Country Chile. 10 Fields. [ 299.775 MUs ]

While today's operation may be over, the memories and the bonds created will endure. The success of "Blue Cities" was not just measured in fields but in the enduring unity that brings our faction together, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, LATAM or North America , big cities or small towns.

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Participating agents: DAMEDS, 3cl, GabyBee, Flavio7corvo, esquilim, marian522, Errolan, MatiasM20, P4rzivall, MARCOSROCHA, Ffishman, Hoshi23, Transplorador, Tatyoshida, Diablu32, XavierDLima, Didostiko, BlueWindmill, IronicWillow, NeoMitch, Malevolla.

careyuki, RePuTedA4D and cyborgmutt In Africa, portal: James Town Lighthouse

South Africa (Western Cape) RobberySl8ter, Daemon99, cur8or, Summit777, Chefster04, TheShortPyrat

Joyblue, from Italy. South Africa (Bloemfontein) SageGlenn, BlueBloemBomb, WredeWillemien, VanDerMerwe, Araikus888, Rrruff, Azhreia

LATAM Resistance, Country Uruguay: Andronidas, Mica1797, NicoMG4, Ale95uy, macasaurio, Arnelt.

Resistance LATAM, Country Brazil - TEAM Ceará: mozzot, acaciocezar, meninoazul, agentreta, AgntKr1, IsashinyyDlEGO1987, AgntMukay

Resistance LATAM, Country Brazil. FMotaBra, Salvador - BA. VitorRDias, Natal - RN

LATAM Resistance, Country Chile. DragonShadowVcL, HoshikageVcL, ericfunko. Intel: ShadowVcL

We're already looking ahead to the next challenge, ready to carry the spirit of "Blue Cities" forward. Every agent plays a pivotal role in the Resistance, and together, there's no limit to what we can achieve.


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