K’s Power Cube | Intel from Epiphany Dawn shared by ENL

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The Telegram channel Enlightened Today has shared the Intel from K that the Yokohama and Los Angeles POC's for Epiphany Dawn have received for the victory of the Enlightened over the series.

If history is written by the victors then that implies that like art it too is open to interpretation.

Humans versus aliens.

It's all there black and white clear as crystal but I never once believed that the shapers were little green men with antennae.

And trust me I want to believe.

Something terrible happened here but not what you think.

Maybe only RJ knows.

47°22'38''N 8°32'24''E.

Exotic matter is data leaking into our world at portals.

It's a coded signal sent by the shapers.

We use the scanner to try and decipher their glyphs and decode their messages but sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm talking to a ghost.

There's something familiar about their presence like someone that I used to know.

If you've played racing games then you know in a time trial the fastest racer gets recorded as the ghost car .

Ten years later and you can pickup an old racing game and the ghost car will still be racing around the track.

Well if history is open to interpretation then so can this.

The ghost car is how I've always thought of the shapers.

That they aren't aliens they're us.

They're agents from an alternate reality and they're trying to broadcast a message to anyone who will hear it.

Advance past present future together.


  • OthinnMxOOthinnMxO ✭✭✭

    K's intel is on very poor footing.

    1. She talks about things being open to interpretation.
    2. She admits Roland Jarvis knows things she doesn't.
    3. She admits to having a bias ("but I never once believed that the shapers were little green men with antennae").
    4. She talks about thoughts and feelings instead of giving us anything concrete.
  • I like her theory though. That's its the best version of us, trying to reach out and help us become our best too.

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